High speed CMOS imaging

We have produced designs for high speed cameras for machine vision type applications based around Aptina (previously Micron) MT9M413, CMOSIS CMV4000 and CMV2000, and Cypress LUPA1300 and LUPA3000 CMOS image sensors. These devices produce high resolution images at in excess of 100 frames per second full fame,much faster when operating windowed modes.These designs have been implemented using Actel's flash based proASAIC FPGAs. These devices not only offer the highest level of design seucrity like other Actel families, but their in circuit reprogammabilty reduces your time to market by speeding up development and allowing extra functionallity to be incorporated your product during production and beyond.

Our experience will help you head off or overcome problems during the development cycle of your high speed camera system.

Click for example images of CMOSIS or MICRON or CYPRESS based cameras