Hardware Design skills and expertise

 FPGA Though we have experience of Xilinx and Quicklogic devices, most of our FPGA projects have been based around the Actel product range from ACT1 OTP antifuse through to ProASIC3 flash devices with an embedded ARM processor. Actel devices give the highest level of design protection. Verilog is our preferred HDL, realised though Synplify, and simulated via ModelSim. However, we have undertaken VHDL projects.
 ASIC Much less important as FPGAs performance and price continue to improve. We have designed IP blocks for use in large ASIC projects and small ASIC devices for cost and space sensitive applications.
  CPU Microcontroller/microprocessor based sytems using Intel x86, Hitachi H8, Microchip PIC, Motorola 68000 family, and Actel embedded ARM
 PCB All schematic design is done using ViewDraw(DxDesigner), and netlists exported for PCB layout with Easy-PC
 HYBRID We have considerable experience of thick film hybrid circuits, old technology, but still in use.
 MECHANICAL We can still provide some basic mechanical design support using TurboCAD. but for all new designs our tool of choice is Alibre(Geomagic) 3-D CAD package.