Software Design skills and expertise

We may be primarily hardware specialists, but it is rare these days for a project not to include some software element, which we can of course also provide. Apart from the obvious need for embedded code running on a processor based system. there is usually a requirement for PC based software for some aspects of test, set-up, calibration, and user interfaces.

 Embedded Software C programming targeted at embedded code, including ARM cores embedded in Actel FPGAs Assembly level programming for Microchip PIC and Hitachi H8 processors. We have also designed hardware working with customer software designers
 PC Application Software Borland C++ Builder has become our preferred language for Windows applications, though we also have experience of C and Pascal for both Windows and Linux.
 Other Software We have produced C/C++ programs in support of our design operations, with graphic and command line interfaces. This includes things like file format translation, for example converting ViewDraw netlists into Easy-PC netlists.